Project Description

It is within the context of ‘scaling-up HIV testing’ and the emerging trend to change HIV testing models that this edition of the ALQ focuses on HIV testing. The various articles in this issue analyse different HIV testing models and approaches from a human rights perspective, and examine the extent to which the global call to scale-up HIV testing, through the model of ‘provider-initiated opt-out routine testing’, creates an environment in which the fundamental human right to make an informed choice whether or not to test for HIV can be upheld, respected, and protected. The implications of the move towards ‘opt-out routine HIV testing’ and its impact on human rights principles of informed consent, confidentiality and non-discrimination; concern about changing HIV testing strategies; arguments for and against voluntary, mandatory and routine HIV testing; human rights issues emerging after the introduction of the ‘opt-out routine HIV testing’ programme in Botswana; as well as the theory of HIV testing as a preventative measure are some of the issues explored in this edition.

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